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1. How do I get involved?
We would love to have you as a member! Of course, the first thing you should do is sign-up for our email list here!

We don’t send a lot of emails, but this will make sure you are included in our events and in upcoming TUC activities!

You can also find us on Facebook here – LIKE US!!

We share a lot of very important updates here and would like to make sure you’re a part of our news and activities. You are welcome and highly encouraged to attend as many of our events as possible so we get a chance to know you better.

2. Can you host an event to support my charity?
We LOVE learning about new charities and organizations. Most of our events are planned at least 6 months out, and our members have a huge say on what charities we plan events for. If we have member support, we’re always happy to help promote an event that you’re hosting through our website and Facebook.

3. How do I join?
Please download a copy of our Membership Application and return it to any board member. We will review the application and respond to you ASAP.
Please click here for our Membership Application

How do I apply to the Helping Hands Fund?
Please click here for the Helping Hands Fund.